Wednesday, 21 September 2011

# Saturday

Puas dia berfikir, dan akhirnya bersuara.  Tenang, tanpa riak yang kurang menyenangkan.

“I have something to tell you, please sit down”

“I knew everything. Every single thing.  I forgive you, and between you and me - it’s over”

Lelaki itu masih cuba bergurau.  Enggan percaya.

“Awak tak boleh mengharapkan yang sempurna sahaja.  Mana ada orang yang sempurna di dunia ni”

“Doesn’t matter.  Maybe you feel jealous.  Balik nanti fikirkan balik”

He was right, but he wrong.  “That” kind of things you will never categorize it either perfect or not, but it is about who you are.

How you -  responsible about your life, about her neither.
How you -  respect the others and the most important
How you – be a good Muslim towards Allah and your religion.

She was not dump him.  She likes him, so much – before.  But now, she trust herself.  She trust her decision.

She was going home, searching for "sejadah" and start praying.

- the end -

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